Second Braver Angels Workshop To Be Held In Powell.

Braver Angels brings their brand of political discourse to Wyoming.

Powell Tribune

Braver Angels, a national organization with hopes of facilitating civil political discourse, has recently become active in Park County, with their first Wyoming workshop taking place in Cody last fall and plans for more in the works.

Wyoming Rising is the coordinator of both the Cody workshop and the second workshop being planned in Powell this autumn. For more information, read the Powell Tribune article here:,43595?

Launched in 2016, Braver Angels is a national movement to bring liberals, conservatives and others together at the grassroots level — not to find centrist compromise, but to find one another as citizens. Through workshops, debates, campus engagement, and more, Braver Angels helps Americans understand each other beyond stereotypes, form community alliances, and reduce the vitriol that poisons our civic culture. For more information about Braver Angels, their website is


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