Good news from our friends at Healthy Wyoming.

Your emails and calls have advanced health care to step 4 on the way to becoming law. Thank you.

If we’re going to expand Medicaid in Wyoming and provide basic healthcare access to 24,000 of our uninsured neighbors, we need the Legislature to pass a bill making it law.

Today, we advanced to Step FOUR of that path.

On Tuesday, the Legislature’s Joint Revenue Committee voted to sponsor a bill that would expand Medicaid for the 2023 legislative session.

Sen. Wendy Schuler (R-Evanston) said it best this morning at the Joint Revenue Committee meeting: She told her colleagues that, at her last count, she had more than 200 emails in her inbox supporting Medicaid expansion, and only about 20 against.

“If we’re here to serve our constituents, that should matter,” she said.

Her colleagues agreed, and the Joint Revenue Committee voted 9 – 5 to sponsor a bill to expand Medicaid for the 2023 Legislative session!

Read more about the meeting here:
“Joint Revenue Committee advances business-boosting Medicaid expansion bill”

Why does it matter?

The committee heard from Josh Hannes of the Wyoming Hospital Association, whose forthcoming economic analysis demonstrates that hospitals are among Wyoming’s largest employers and top economic drivers. When hospitals are hit with uncompensated care costs, their economic efficiency suffers and the critical care they provide their communities is at risk.

In addition, we had great testimony lined up from Montana House Representative Ed Buttrey, Rev. Bob Garrard from Cheyenne, Dr. Hollis Hackman from Sheridan, in addition to our coalition partners from the Wyoming Hospital Association and the Wyoming Medical Society. AND, folks like you sent a whopping 321 emails to each member of the committee.

There is much more work to do. The next step is to make sure that the folks who voted for Medicaid expansion know they have our gratitude. Will you take a couple minutes and write a short note to these nine lawmakers thanking them for their “YES” vote?

Just copy and paste these addresses into your email and say thanks for supporting Medicaid expansion and affordable healthcare access in Wyoming!,,,,,,,,,

We’ve got a long road ahead of us, and this is just a first step. But we need to let all these know that if they stick with us, we’ll stick with them.
Thank you for all your calls and emails! Thank you for being part of our movement and speaking out for healthcare access in Wyoming.


Nate Martin
Healthy Wyoming

Renee Tafoya
Wyoming Rising

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