Medicaid Expansion Action Alert – Nov 22 deadline.

Message from Nate Martin
Healthy Wyoming

Check out this graphic. It’s an illustration of how a bill becomes a law in the Wyoming Legislature.

If we’re going to expand Medicaid in Wyoming and provide basic healthcare access to 24,000 of our uninsured neighbors, we need the Legislature to pass a bill making it law.

Right now, we’re on Step One of that path. We need your voice to take a huge leap forward.

On Tuesday, Nov. 22, the Legislature’s Joint Revenue Committee will vote on whether to sponsor a bill that would expand Medicaid for the 2023 legislative session.

Bills that are sponsored by committees—compared to those sponsored by individual lawmakers—have a much better chance of passing the Legislature.

If the Revenue Committee votes to sponsor a Medicaid expansion bill on Tuesday, we’re going to be well on our way to making it a reality in 2023.

But we need your voice to make it happen.

Lawmakers need to know that Wyoming residents like you demand they take action to address our healthcare crisis.

Renee, will you take two minutes to use this quick and easy form and write to the Revenue Committee in support of Medicaid expansion? The form includes tips and talking points to help you out. CLICK HERE.


Whether you’re brand new to our movement or you’ve been with us since the start, it’s important to remember that we need to demonstrate our grassroots power and support for Medicaid expansion during every step of the legislative process.

Writing to the Revenue Committee will help us clear the first hurdle, but there will be more, and we’ll need you again.

Until then, thank you for being part of our movement and speaking out for healthcare access in Wyoming.


Nate Martin
Healthy Wyoming

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