How Good Governance Truly Protects Freedom

“I want well thought out, incremental change, and I want it now!” 

A slogan such as this will never be seen at a Wyoming Freedom Caucus rally, nor at a protest to raise the minimum wage.  Such words do not inspire mass movements.  Millions of people will not take to the streets under a banner of incremental change.  However, we in Wyoming could do well to strive for well thought out, intentional politics in order to truly protect our freedoms.

Culture wars focused on book bans and limiting rights of transgender citizens never produce a winning side. False rhetoric from public servants and legislation targeting these issues lead to divisiveness and loss of freedom.  Book ban arguments actually produce divisions over wholesale bans in libraries vs. calls for unlimited access to information.  Limiting rights of transgender citizens in the name of protection always leads to more discrimination.  So called “Freedom Caucus” legislators hurl insults at educators like “radical leftist” and negate the actual work of our elected officials and public servants.  Others slander those not in the “Freedom” Caucus as a part of the “Uniparty.” People focusing on these issues do not care about freedom or quality of life.  Instead, they seek to restrict the freedom of others in a winning-losing mindset.  There are better ways.

There are many legislators and groups in Wyoming striving for well thought out policies that truly protect our freedom. Republican Speaker of the House, Albert Sommers, said it himself in his educational savings account compromise, “Legislating should be the art of finding common ground, not the ‘my way or the highway’ approach that the ‘Caucus of No’ subscribes to.”  Healthy Wyoming advocated for, and Wyoming Legislators passed, a bill supporting “Medicaid for Moms” in the 2023 session. The Wyoming Counseling Association advocates for bills supporting mental health in our state.  Common themes amongst these groups and legislators is that they are wanting to see Wyoming succeed through well thought out policies.  It is only through these focused discussions, collaboration, and advocacy, that we truly protect freedom in Wyoming. 

Wyoming Rising understands the challenges coming in 2024.  Hyperbole and culture war will dominate social media.  Winner-take-all mindsets will be seen through the election season.  We ask instead, to take a thoughtful approach.  Let your public officials know when you disagree, and spread positive messages of the good work in your community.  It is through our intentional dialogues, civility, and open communication that we can hope for a prosperous Wyoming. 


Wyoming Rising Leadership Team

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