Oppose Secretary of State Gray’s proposed voting regulation!

Secretary of State Gray announced a proposed a new regulation tied to Wyoming’s Voter Photo ID law. If this regulation goes into place, your residency MUST match your already required photo identification, or you will be asked to provide proof of residency. The proposed regulation has the possibility to disenfranchise thousands of Wyoming college students, and transient workers who do not have matching residencies on their photo IDs. Let the Secretary know you oppose this unnecessary addition to Wyoming’s already secure voter laws!
Email his Chief Policy Officer, Joe Rubino at – Joe.Rubino1@wyo.gov
Title your email- “Proposed Chapter 2 Voter Identification Requirements”
Possible topics to address in your email- “Wyoming Voter ID laws already work to secure our elections! We do not need more requirements to turn away faithful, patriotic citizens! Let’s encourage voter turnout, instead of continuing to restrict!”

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