Looking back at 2023

During 2023, Wyoming Rising worked internally on becoming better organized and forging valuable statewide connections. We sponsored several local events and shared information about actions and volunteer opportunities that can make a difference in our world.

We continue to publish a monthly newsletter, write op-eds in the local newspapers, track the Wyoming legislature, and encourage our community to campaign for their favorite candidates. Here’s a look at the many ways Wyoming Rising is making a difference in our community:

Our 2023 events

• Members of our team helped organize Citizens Climate Lobby  presentations in Powell and Cody. The presentations outlined CCL’s campaign to mobilize bi-partisan voters and lobby legislators for effective climate policy.

• We invited our members to a virtual meetings with the Riverton Peace Mission to discuss institutional racism and to a virtual “teach-in” hosted by Wyoming Abortion Rights.

• We hosted a free film viewing and discussion of “How to Start a Revolution” —  Gene Sharp’s work for change using non-violent action.

• In recognition of Earth Day, we invited members to a free online viewing of the film, “My Wild Land” created by the Wyoming Migration Initiative.

• We hosted author Rodger McDaniel, former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson, and historian Peter Simpson in a panel discussion on the theme of McDaniel’s recent book, Profiles in Courage: Standing Against the Wyoming Wind, at the Heart  Mountain Interpretive Center.

• Our good friends from Hot Springs and Fremont Counties joined us to talk about the Small Town Summit they attended last summer. Organizers from rural areas in 25 states met in Missoula with  Small Town Summit.org to participate workshops on shifting power, changing narratives, and strengthening capacity for our hometowns. The Summit provided a much-needed opportunity for small town and rural organizers who frequently feel isolated from each other to share tools, tactics, and best practices.

Deep Canvassing / Deep Listening campaign

Over the course of two weeks last September and October, we knocked on over 100 doors and interviewed Cody residents to better understand why they do or don’t vote, and what they want from our elected representatives. The conversations were candid, enlightening, and enjoyable. People truly love being asked what they think and what their aspirations are for their community. We intend to share our compiled notes with candidates for local offices so they can better understand the community they hope to represent. Read more here.

Preparing for the 2024 legislative session and election year

We are actively participating with the statewide Wyoming Voter Network to identify Wyoming districts that need protection from the Freedom Caucus. Our team is actively seeking potential candidates and planning ways in which to support moderate candidates to our school boards, commissions, and legislature.

Monthly newsletters and Legislative updates were sent to our subscribers and posted on our Website throughout 2023. We are gearing up to track the 2024 Wyoming Legislature’s Budget Session bills and will send updates to our subscribers throughout the session.

We continued our billboard campaign:

We published two billboards in 2023 – one in Cody, one in Powell with the purpose of communicating Wyoming Rising’s mission and goals.

Summer 2023 billboard

Getting Better at Communicating

Internally, we worked on improving our membership outreach and renewal process. We switched from Mailchimp and Paypal to Every Action / America Votes software to manage our mailings, subscribers, processing membership payments and donations. This software also includes access to Voter Action Network that will help us target our messages more effectively. We ran a month-long experiment with Facebook ads to see what kinds of messages generate the most responses. All of this is in effort to become more organized and efficient in our advocacy messaging.

And finally, we had a lot of fun preparing our entry in the Park County Fair parade and sharing the love.

Our 2023 Park County Fair parade entry.

Come join us in 2024

Our goal is to have an impact on public policy, to inform our neighbors and preserve our community’s integrity. Wyoming Rising welcomes your involvement. You may choose to pay membership dues, make a donation, serve on a committee, attend Wyoming Rising meetings and events, follow our online communications, or engage in a combination of these. Regardless of your preferred role, we need and appreciate your help! You may donate, subscribe to our mailings, and/or join HERE.

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