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Wyoming Legislature

Wyoming has 37 Senators and 79 Representatives. In the 2017 General Session, 465 bills have been introduced for consideration. Read the bills, find the committees who are sponsoring them, and find out who represents you in Cheyenne at The Online Home of the Wyoming Legislature. Another good website for finding information about Wyoming and other states is the independently run Open States website:

To participate in the discussion, you may email your representative, call the Wyoming Legislative Hotline at (307) 777-7881,  or use the State of Wyoming Legislature online hotline to express your views.

In addition here is a link to a PDF list of all Wyoming State Representatives and Senate Members. Find the people who represent your district and note their addresses and phone numbers.…/App_Th…/LSO/PDFContactInfo.pdf

National Representatives

Contact the people who represent you. Build relationships with them and let them know what you think about the issues they face.

These are links to our US Senators and Representative’s official webpages. Read them. Bookmark them. Notice if they have offices and staff in your town. Bookmark these names and addresses because you must start calling and writing to them.  Representative Liz Cheney began her first 2-year term in 2017. She will have to run again in 2019. Senator John Barrasso began his current 6-year term in 2012. He is up for re-election in 2018  Senator Mike Enzi began his current 6-year term in 2014. He is up for re-election in 2020.

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    Mr Burkheart i eant to know if i was to call an ambulance to go to hosital i would want to go to Laramie hospital and see those guys there thats my right,so all i would do is tell them that,right?

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