The GOP’s healthcare plan

You need to understand Trumpcare fully because many of you are going to get hurt, some badly. As many as 15 million Americans will lose their current health insurance. Little wonder why the GOP is pushing this through without hearings and without a Congressional Budget Office review. Please call the delegation today. Liz Cheney (202) 225-2311 Mike Enzi (888) 250-1879 John Barrasso 202-224-6441

The GOP measure, called the American Health Care Act (AHCA), has advanced out of two House committees and is on its way to a floor vote in a matter of weeks despite taking fire from all sides including conservatives, the AARP, and The American Medical Association .

The measure repeals many core aspects of ObamaCare, including the subsidies to help people buy insurance and the extra federal funds for the expansion of Medicaid after 2019. In its place would be a new system centered on a new tax credit to help people afford insurance. But the GOP doesn’t seem to understand that most of us can’t afford to pay up front for expensive health insurance and hope to qualify for a refund with our tax return.

Ask Cheney, Barrasso, And Enzy about their taxpayer funded health insurance. DO you know your taxes pay for a premium policy that covers each Member of Congress  and their families insurance for life? Why don’t  we have a taxpayer-funded plan like theirs?

Here’s a summary of the proposed GOP bill and it’s impacts.

Here’s a summary of the policy that you pay for to provide insurance for your  Senators and Representatives:

Here are talking points for responding to any defense of the rush to  “repeal and replace” :

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  1. I wrote a long-ish email with our personal insurance story and sent it to all three of our members of Congress. Basically I pointed out that the individual mandate of the ACA is unpopular because it’s expensive, but that mandate enables companies to insure others with expensive medical needs. I understand why young healthy people don’t want insurance, but if it were truly affordable, most people would be on board. I fear the GOP is throwing out a plan that just needs fixing and replacing it with a bunch of tax credits … which won’t help us afford their plan. I don’t pay enough in taxes to get refunded the amount I need to buy insurance with. Oh its so complicated it makes my head hurt.

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    I will call her today. Thank you!!

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