This Week’s Action Opportunities


Opportunity #1

The Cody 4th of July parade organizers have told us : “Barasso, Enzi, and Cheney will be among the first 15 entries in the 3rd and 4th parades. Northrop and Cloud are also scheduled”.

This provides Bighorn Basin residents a rare opportunity — since our Members of Congress refused to meet with us after multiple requests, take your message to them at the Parade. Hold up signs as they go by with messages such as:

> don’t repeal the ACA
> McConnell is not a patriot
> listen to your constituents
> preserve Medicaid

Bring several signs and pass them out. Spread out along the route. Keep it respectful but tell them what you want them to know.


Opportunity #2

Join us at 8:30 a.m. On Friday July 7 at Senator Enzi’s field office in Cody, 1285 Sheridan Ave. (above Loves store). A few of us will be delivering personal letters to Enzi about our experience with the health care system and requesting that Enzi listen to our concerns about his bill.

The more, the merrier. Show up and hang out for a half hour until everyone gets a chance to talk to Enzie’s field representatives.

These are individual opportunities and are not being organized by Wyoming Rising–Northwest. However we support every effort to reach our Members of Congress.


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