Planning the Women and Allies March, January 19, 2019

We are asking for help with organizing our Women and Allies march on January 19. Below is a list of “jobs” that need to be done in order to put this march together. Please look them over and let Niki Tisthammer know what you can do to help.


  •             Secure permit to march at Cody City Park
  •             Reserve Bandshell including having power available
  •             Stage set up–including sound equipment, extension cords
  •             Have several tables and a few chairs available

March mentors: folks appointed to be available to answer questions, give guidance, direction and be available to assist as group needs moved from speakers to marching. Keep things moving smoothly.

Arrange for speakers and be available to monitor sound system (last March we had problems with the system)

Secure a key to electrical room for turning on electric (last March we were not able to access this room and had to wait for assistance from the city

Make sure restrooms are open

Someone needs to monitor clearing walks in case of snow. (Last March arrange for member with bobcat to be available to move snow if necessary) Must have all areas clear and accessible. (Last March city cleared all interior walks upon request, but some of the walks around the part were not cleared well enough for wheelchair access. Reminder: handicap accessible important.

Last March we had a flatbed available to allow for place for entertainment (if that is a part – entertainment must be secured with another sound system)

Consider having some type of medical plan in case of medical emergency

We might speak with local law enforcement and ask for extra patrol because of past threats (Linda can assist with this and can assist with medical plan and act as the March Medic)



Newspapers–Cody and Powell. Make sure we’re listed in “Upcoming Events” (free) and see if they will do an article

Possible interview with Wendy Corr (Big Horn Radio)

Posters: Renee has offered to work on this once details are confirmed. Posters will then need to be distributed–hopefully throughout the Big Horn Basin.

Sign making parties?

Ensure that surrounding towns have information–locate and talk with members/friends in these communities; offer rides to Cody

NWC–contact and involve students and encourage their participation

Invite city, county, state elected officials–call or write short note

Contact Cody and Powell high school students

Social Media–postings, invitations, reminders

Our march and our location is already on the National Map of Marches

Someone to take photos for posting following the March


SPEAKERS and Information Tables:

  •             Contact people who would be willing to speak
  •             Encourage groups to have information tables


Thank you to the few who have already contacted Niki, but we need more help.


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