Action Alert: call the Wyoming Legislature on these bills.

Make Your Voices Heard

Today is an important day in the Wyoming Legislature. Check out the sidebar on this page to find contact info for your representatives:

Don’t wait until it’s too late to voice your opinion! Click on a bill title in list below to view the text of the bill, the status, the fiscal note, the votes, and more.

In the list below bills are organized by topic, making it easy to quickly find what you’re interested in. Votes from Representatives Sandy Newsome, Dan Laursen, David Northrup and Senators Hank Coe and R.J. Kost are noted. You can track voting on any bill as it moves through the process by clicking on the “Vote” tab. Be sure and thank your legislators or let them know you disagree with their vote.  

To learn more about the process and how to contact your legislators use our online GUIDE TO THE 2020 WYOMING LEGISLATIVE SESSION
If a bill is in committee–even if your legislator(s) is not on the committee–it can be effective to contact committee members: List of Committees


We Support HB 134 Wyoming Tourism Account Funding . Governor Gordon supports this bill along with most representatives of Wyoming tourism industry. The five percent tax on hotel stays would generate roughly $19 million a year and 85 percent of that would come from out-of-state visitors. Last year a similar bill failed in the Senate; let’s keep that from happening again!


We Oppose HB 200 Reliable and dispatchable low-carbon energy standards
This bill “requires the state to ‘maximize use’ of coal and natural gas, and disincentivizes renewable energy.” Learn more about this bill with Wyoming Outdoor Council’s fact sheet, and a recent WyoFile article.

Bill is slated for House Revenue Committee discussion today. Check the status here. Newsome, Laursen, and Northrup all voted YES on the introduction vote. They need to hear from us!


Three abortion bills are making their way through the legislature.

HB197: Abortion: 48 hour waiting period
Referred to House Judiciary Committee. A similar bill failed in the Senate in 2019 after being passed by the House. Rep. Laursen is a cosponsor of this bill. On the introductory vote: Newsome voted NO, Laursen and Northrup YES

SF131 Heartbeat Bill
Referred to Senate Labor Committee. On introductory vote: Coe and Kost voted NO.

SF97: Born Alive Infant-Means of Care
Referred to Senate Labor committee. On introductory vote: Coe voted NO, Kost voted YES. 

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