Help with Vigils for Better Access to Health Care

Wyoming Rising will be promoting Better Wyoming’s push for Medicaid Expansion and improving access to affordable health care in the state.

Better Wyoming is part of the Healthy Wyoming coalition, which has been organizing people across Wyoming all summer on behalf of Medicaid expansion and healthcare access.

Now, it’s time to act.

Please join your neighbors and community leaders as Healthy Wyoming hosts a series of coordinated vigils throughout the state on Friday, Sept. 17 (or other dates, as noted).

These gatherings will allow us to honor and remember our Wyoming neighbors who have died and who are suffering as a result of a lack of healthcare access. They will also allow us to publicly demonstrate that Wyomingites demand our leaders take action to prevent further suffering and death.

This will be a coordinated statewide action of historic proportions. We have vigils or related events scheduled for Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie, Gillette, Sheridan, and Rock Springs, and more in the works in Lander, Jackson, Cody, Thermopolis, and elsewhere.

For more details on each event, and to RSVP or sign up to help organize vigils in your community, please visit the Healthy Wyoming website:

These actions will show our neighbors who have mourned loved ones in isolation or who are suffering today that they are not alone. They will also show Wyoming’s political leaders that the Healthy Wyoming movement is growing, that we demand action, and that we will not go away until they address Wyoming’s healthcare crisis.

All vigils and related actions will take place outdoors, where COVID-19 transmission rates remain very low. Participants will respect social distancing and wear masks when appropriate.

Please reach out to me directly with any questions, and sign up to RSVP or help organize a vigil in your community.

In solidarity,

Rebecca Berry
Organizing Director
Better Wyoming

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