“The Future of the 2-Party System” – A panel discussion

Join us for a live online discussion via Zoom
on September 19th from 4-5:30 pm

“Democracy 2021: The Future of the 2-Party System”

We have gathered an outstanding group of Wyoming leaders to engage in a free, online discussion!

We are excited to host Sen. Al Simpson (R), Gov. Mike Sullivan (D), State Senator RJ Kost (R), 2020 U.S. Senate candidate, Dr. Merav Ben-David (D), and moderator Nate Martin, Executive Director of Better Wyoming. Simpson served as a U.S. Senator from 1978-96 and as a member of the state legislature, 1965-77. Sullivan served two terms, 1987-95, as Wyoming Governor and subsequently two years as U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, 1999-2001. Kost is currently serving the 19th district in the Wyoming Senate. Ben-David won the 2020 Wyoming democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, ultimately losing the general election. Martin, Wyoming native and community organizer, has led Better Wyoming since 2017.

The event is sponsored by Wyoming Rising, a nonprofit group dedicated to advocating for civil liberties, quality public education, affordable health care, protection of the environment, and participation in government.

A Live Online Event
Sunday, Sept. 19th 4-5:30 PM
Sponsored by Wyoming Rising

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