ACTION ALERT: Support Broadband in Wyoming

This month, the Wyoming Legislature will decide if Wyoming will accept grant money from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to increase broadband access in the state. We’ve heard that a few lawmakers oppose the use of federal funds. Tell them that high speed internet is something rural Wyomingites need help with. This bill will provide grant money from the ARPA Capital Projects Fund to local governments for broadband access projects AND to health care providers to expand telehealth services to Wyoming residents.

Wyoming Rising supports committing American Rescue Plan Act grants for broadband development. We encourage you to read the bill and write to your State Senator and Representative.

Bill Details:

Bill Title: Broadband and telehealth access projects.
Sponsored by Members of Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Technology and Digital Innovation Technology
Bill Number Assigned: HB0068
Summary: AN ACT relating to the support of broadband internet and telehealth access; appropriating federal funds for broadband access projects and telehealth access projects as specified; providing requirements for projects funded; defining terms; requiring rulemaking; and providing for an effective date.

A. The council shall establish a program to provide grants using American Rescue Plan Act funds for local governmental entities to complete broadband internet access projects in Wyoming cities, towns and counties.
B (a)  The Wyoming department of health shall establish a program to provide American Rescue Plan Act funds for grants to health care providers to:
(i)  Purchase and use telehealth equipment to provide telehealth services to Wyoming residents;
(ii)  Provide outreach and education related to telehealth;
(iii)  Obtain technical support for telehealth and telehealth equipment


Email subject: Please support broadband in Wyoming

I’m writing to ask you to vote yes on HB0068. Please consider investing American Rescue Plan Act dollars into broadband internet installation around Wyoming.

Here’s why that is important to me:

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I wish you the best during the 2022 Legislative Session.

Thank you.

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