February 8 – Legislative Update.

Wednesday, February 8th marks the last day for bills to be passed in their house of origin.  Afterwards, only bills that have passed the Senate or House of Representatives can be heard in the opposite chamber.  The Legislature will be on recess for the week of February 20th.  The recess presents a great time to communicate with your Legislators on bills you wish to become law!

Below is a list of a few bills of interest based on Wyoming Rising’s five goals: civil liberties, quality public education, affordable health care, protection of the environment, and participation in government. These bills are still alive, with the possibility to become law.

HB0004 Medicaid twelve month postpartum coverage
HB0007 Underage marriage-amendments
HB0074 Wyoming outdoor recreation trust fund
HB0103 Political party affiliation declaration and changes
HB0152 Life is a Human Right Act
HB0222 Colorado river advisory committee.
SF0072 Employees-forced microchip implantation prohibited
SF0109 Prohibiting chemical abortions
SF0111 Child abuse-change of sex
SF0117 Parental rights in education
SF0130 Educational Freedom Act
SF0133 Student eligibility in interscholastic sports
SF0159 Stop ESG-Eliminate economic boycott act
SJ0011 Convention of states

The League of Women Voters has also published a site to help monitor bills of interest as they go through the legislative process: https://www.quorum.us/spreadsheet/external/RfeAZatgWJauorqjDnyE/

Big Horn Basin Legislators are listed below with contact information:

Ed Cooper: Ed.Cooper@wyoleg.gov, (307) 851-5949, P. O. Box 249, Ten Sleep, WY 82442
Tim French: Tim.French@wyoleg.gov, (307) 202-1785, 109 Rattler Road, Powell, WY 82435
Dan Laursen: Dan.Laursen@wyoleg.gov, (307) 271-0241, 478 Road 8, Powell, WY 82435
Dalton Banks: Dalton.Banks@wyoleg.gov, (307) 272-7255, P.O. Box 64, Cowley, WY 82420
Sandy Newsome: Sandy.Newsome@wyoleg.gov, (307) 272-1676, P.O. Box 575, Cody, WY 82414
David Northrup: David.Northrup@wyoleg.gov, (307) 272-0617, 799 Lane 13, Powell, WY 82435
Rachel Rodriquez-Williams: Rachel.Rodriguez-Williams@wyoleg.gov, (307) 250-5008, P.O. Box
444, Cody, WY 82414
John Winter: John.Winter@wyoleg.gov , (307) 690-0185, P.O. Box 311, Thermopolis, WY 82443
– Or-
Comment on specific bills through the Wyoming Legislative Website

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